G-Keyboard Pro

G-Keyboard Pro is first speech recognition app for Galaxy / Gear smartwatches powered by Google™ Cloud Speech-to-Text engine.
This is QWERTY virtual keyboard that replaces system keyboard, but the unprecedented feature is Speech-to-Text function that returns text transcription in real time.

Main features:
• Recognizes 120 languages and variants
• Instantly convert speech into text thanks to machine learning technology
• Apply the most advanced deep-learning neural network algorithms to audio for speech recognition
• Easy to use QWERTY virtual keyboard

Use it in standard watch apps like messaging, e-mail, navigation, store and hundreds of 3rd party apps available in store.

Works on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport and Gear S3 (all variants).

Get it from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

G-Keyboard Pro
120 languages
Immediately returns text as
it’s recognized from user speaking
Powered by Google™ Speech-to-text
Get it for Galaxy Watch & Gear

What's that song

How often do you hear a song but you do not know its title?

What's that song is first and only application for Gear and Galaxy smartwatches that allows you to instantly identify song that is being played. Once the song is named and identified it can be played via streaming services like Spotify, YouTube or Deezer.

What's that song offers:
• Identify song that is being played
• Finding song title, artist name, album title, release year and more
• Providing links to Spotify, Deezer and YouTube services
• Storing results for later usage
• Recognition service provided by ACRCloud™

This is great option for all music lovers.

Works on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Gear S2 (all variants).

Get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

What's that song
Instantly identify played song
Spotify, Deezer and YouTube links
Get it
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