G-Translator Pro

Finally G-Translator Pro is available for Galaxy / Gear smart watches!
Translate between over 100 languages from all over the world.

Main features:
• 105 languages supported
• Language detection function
• Text input via keyboard
• Voice input via Google Cloud™ Speech-to-Text recognition
• Listen to translations: voice output via Google Cloud™ Text-to-Speech
• Easy managing translations using watch bezel
• History of translations

Powered by Google™ Translate service.

Works on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2 (all variants).

Get it from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

G-Translator Pro
105 languages
Language detection
Voice output
Powered by Google™ Translate
Get it for Galaxy Watch & Gear

Navigator Lite

Navigator Lite is Google Maps™ navigation viewer for Samsung smart watches. This app shows navigational directions and plays voice guidance that comes directly from Google Maps™ android app.

How it works:

First time after installation:
• Launch Navigator Lite in phone or tablet
• Grand requested permission

Every time when you want to use navigation:
• Launch Google Maps™ in phone or tablet
• If autostart option is disabled: in smart watch launch Navigator Lite
• Google Maps™ directions will be shown on your smart watch
• Google Maps™ voice guidance will be played on smart watch
• Incoming maneuver is signalled in smart watch by advanced vibrations and sound
• Choose the most suitable colour theme from app settings

For Galaxy Watch and Gear users:
This is companion app what means that host app must be installed on your phone (from Play Store). It will be done automatically right after installation of Navigator Lite client app will be completed.
For Gear Fit 2 / Pro users:
Application automatically installs client app on your Gear band. Please accept installation confirmation when proper dialog box appears.
This app shows only directions, distances, maneuvers and ETA, map is not displayed on smart watch.

Works on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2, Gear Fit 2, Gear Fit 2 Pro (all models and variants).

For Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, S3 & S2 get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

For Gear Fit 2 / Pro get it directly for from Play Store on your mobile device or click here.

Navigator Lite
Turn by turn navigation
Shows directions directly from Android Google Maps™ app
Plays voice guidance from Google Maps™ app right on your smart watch
Advanced vibrations, three short vibrations for right turns, two for left turns
Get it for Galaxy Watch & Gear
Get it for Gear Fit 2 / Pro


Get Places app to find thousands of interesting places nearby.

Have you just arrived to new city? Would you like to find the best restaurant near you? Or maybe cash machine? You don't know where is the closest cinema or bar? With this application, it is no longer a problem.

Places app offers:
• Finding places by category
• Nine main categories and almost seventy subcategories
• Voice search
• Text search
• Place details like address, phone, webpage, rating, opinions, photo gallery, location on map
• Turn by turn navigation to desired place (only when Navigator Companion or Navigator Standalone app is installed)
• All directly on your watch (no additional apps are installed onto phone)
• Places data (POI) provided by Google™

Places app is great option for all travellers.

Works on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Gear S2 (all models and variants).

Get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

Must have for all travellers
Seventy POI categories
Detailed places information
Get it
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